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Issue #1 – 2024

Issue #1 – 2024

Towards a Multi-Temporal Pluriverse of Art. Decolonizing Universalized Historiographic and Temporal Frameworks

ed. by Birgit Hopfener & Karin Zitzewitz


  • Introduction

    Birgit Hopfener & Karin Zitzewitz


  • On the Impossibility of Global Modernisms

    Tatiana Flores
  • Beading Back and Forth. Upending Temporality through
    Knowledge Transmission

    Carmen Robertson
  • Against Extinction. An Interview with Sahej Rahal

    Karin Zitzewitz
  • Animating the Inanimate. Qiu Anxiong’s New Book
    of Mountains and Seas

    Peggy Wang
  • A Group Dance that Never Ends. A Pluriversal Approach to “Continuum – Generation by Generation” (2017)

    Birgit Hopfener
  • Monuments, Temporality, and the Aesthetics of Indigenous Presence in Postcolonial South Asia

    Akshaya Tankha
  • Not the End. Artists on and against Nuclear Closure

    Kyveli Mavrokordopoulou
  • Of Scales and Times. Friction at Play in the Work of Simryn Gill

    Emilia Terracciano


  • Two Books on Tradition:
    Irene Vallejo, Papyrus. The Invention of Books in the Ancient World & Holger Gzella, Aramäisch. Weltsprache des Altertums

    Benjamin Anderson
  • Michele Matteini, The Ghost in the City. Luo Ping and the Craft of Painting in Eighteenth-Century China

    Kathleen Ryor
  • Brianne Cohen, Don't Look Away. Art, Nonviolence, and Preventive Publics in Contemporary Europe

    Sara Blaylock
  • On Things (and their Representation). Laurence Bertrand Dorléac's "Pour en finir avec la nature morte" and the exhibition and catalogue "Les Choses. Une histoire de la nature morte" (Musée du Louvre, Paris, 12 octobre 2022 – 23 janvier 2023)

    Stefano de Bosio
ISSN 2701-1569
eISSN 2701-1550