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Heft #2–2023

Uneasy Dialogues across Ancient Art History, Archaeology, and Contemporary Art Practice
in the Americas


  • Uneasy Dialogues across Art History, Archaeology, and Art Practice in the Americas

    Lisa Trever


  • Catholic Kinaestheology

    Darryl Wilkinson & Severin Fowles
  • Some Thoughts on Latin American Art History in the United States. Colleges and Collections, 1870-2021

    Mary Miller
  • Ritual Object, Funerary Offering, Work of Art. The Place of the Pre-Columbian Past in the History of Art in Peru

    Cecilia Pardo
  • Ch’u Mayaa and the Appropriation of the Past

    Jesse Lerner
  • Contemporaneity and Composition in Mexican Design

    Robert J. Kett
  • “Desobediencia es habitar la revuelta”. Revisitando la rebelión de los artefactos en el Chile del siglo XXI

    Flora Vilches


  • Encontrar nuestra propia estética. Una conversación acerca de los límites de las disciplinas y las posibilidades de lo “precolombino”

    Ulla Holmquist, Kukuli Velarde & Carolina Luna


  • Maria Stavrinaki, Transfixed by Prehistory. An Inquiry into Modern Art and Time (2022)

    Alex Potts
  • Miruna Achim, Susan Deans-Smith & Sandra Rozental (eds.), Museum Matters. Making and Unmaking Mexico’s National Collections (2021)

    Christian Stenz
  • Ilka Mestemacher, Marmor, Gold und Edelsteine. Materialimitation in der karolingischen Buchmalerei (2021)

    Beatrice Kitzinger
  • Theresa Holler, Jenseitsbilder. Dantes Commedia und ihr Weiterleben im Weltgericht bis 1500 (2020)

    Peter Bokody
  • Timothy McCall, Brilliant Bodies. Fashioning Courtly Men in Early Renaissance Italy (2022)

    Rembrandt Duits
  • Christina Bradstreet, Scented Visions. Smell in Art, 1850–1914 (2022)

    Christian Sauer