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Heft #4 – 2023


  • Ecologies of Blue Paper. Dürer and Beyond

    Iris Brahms
  • The Female Nude in Anti-Zia Feminist Painting

    Kristin Plys
  • Reperformance, Reenactment, Simulation. Notes on the Conservation of Performance Art

    Jules Pelta Feldman
  • Memetic Superposition. Evaluating the Parallels between Memes and Renaissance Emblems

    Ray Drainville
  • Does this Person Exist? KI-generierte Porträts und ihre prekäre Existenz im digitalen Raum

    Paul Werling


  • Brigitte Buettner, The Mineral and the Visual. Precious Stones in Medieval Secular Culture (2022)

    Gia Toussaint
  • Erin Benay, Italy by Way of India. Translating Art and Devotion in the Early Modern World (2022)

    Urte Krass
  • Mary Ann Calo, African American Artists and the New Deal Art Programs. Opportunity, Access, and Community (2023)

    Phoebe Wolfskill
  • Eva Kernbauer, Art, History, and Anachronic Interventions Since 1990 (2022)

    Mehmet Berkay Sülek
  • Felipe Rojas, Byron Ellsworth Hamann, Benjamin Anderson (eds.),
    Otros pasados. Ontologías alternativas y el estudio de lo que ha sido (2022)

    Natalia Lozada-Mendieta
ISSN 2701-1569
eISSN 2701-1550